Upcoming Events 2014

It’s been a while since I updated you on my travel plans, so now I’ve had some more conferences confirmed, I thought I would pass the information on.

I’ve been really lucky to have been selected for some great conferences this year. I was asked to do a few more, and it was genuinely painful to say no to everything, but it seems the laws of space and time cannot be broken, and so I’ve been forced to select a tiny subset of all the places I’d like to go:

  • 20 May: [GOTO Chicago](http://gotocon.com/chicago-2014/presentation/HTML5,%20Angular.js,%20Groovy,%20Java, %20MongoDB%20all%20together%20-%20what%20could%20possibly%20go%20wrong?) - I’m giving the same live coding presentation from QCon London, although knowing me I expect there will be some tweaks, changes, additions, and maybe improvements.
  • 22-23 May: In New York City, since I’m more or less in the area. Gimme a shout if you want to meet for a drink.
  • 25-28 May: SpeakerConf Barcelona. And while I’m in the area…
  • 29 May: Barcelona JUG - “HTML5, Angular.js, Groovy, Java, MongoDB all together - what could possibly go wrong?”
  • 2-5 June: New York City, probably (wait, am I going to be at home at all??)
  • 23 July: OSCON - live coding again!
  • 28 Sep - 2 Oct: JavaOne woohoo! I love having this opportunity to visit San Francisco.

I’ve got a couple of other events I’m still trying to work out the details for, but I think this is 2014 all booked up.