97 Things Every Java Programmer Should Know

Edited by Kevlin Henney and Trisha Gee, 97 Things Every Java Programmer Should Know reflects lifetimes of experience writing Java software and living with the process of software development. Great programmers share their collected wisdom to help you rethink Java practices.

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Cover of the book What to Look For in a Code Review by Trisha Gee

What to Look For in a Code Review - Trisha Gee

A series of tips on what to look for when doing code reviews, including aspects of testing, security, performance and more. The book is a compilation of blog posts on the same topic available on the Upsource blog

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Getting to Know IntelliJ IDEA

Trisha Gee and Helen Scott give pointers to help get the best out of IntelliJ IDEA.

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Developer, Advocate! - Geertjan Wielenga

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