Career Advice for Programmers

One developer's journey to find the perfect job.


Do you know how to remain a programmer? To avoid being “promoted” into positions away from technology and code? Did they teach you at university that you need social skills to be a good developer? What other skills do you need that aren't technical? Did you know that all development roles are not created equal? Is it true that moving jobs a lot is a Bad Thing? In this session, Trisha Gee (Java Champion, 2015 MongoDB Master, 2016 / 2014 / 2012 JavaOne Rock Star & Technical Advocate for JetBrains) will share some lessons she learnt the hard way over nearly twenty years of managing her career as a Java developer. She'll talk about what's really important to developers when thinking about their careers, and give you tools for working out what your next steps are. If nothing else, you’ll get to laugh at the (many) mistakes she's made in her search for The Perfect Job.

This talk has been presented several times, each time with a different focus. All the talks below have overlap, but they're effectively completely different presentations.



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Links and resources mentioned in the talk are mostly my own blog posts and talks

There's lots of other interesting stuff around this topic though. Here's a handful of stuff that helped to influence the talk I gave at ProgNET.