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Video and resources for the Update on IntelliJ IDEA talk from FOSDEM 2020.


With releases of Java coming thick and fast every six months, it’s a full time job staying on top of the features. If
your IDE can help you here, it’s one less thing to worry about. IntelliJ IDEA Community has three releases every
year, each one improves the support for modern versions of Java, but that’s not the only thing on offer.

Join this session to see what’s new in IntelliJ IDEA Community (the free one!). This is not limited to just
supporting new language features, which some of us might not get to use for ages, but better support for things
developers do every day, and improved performance and stability, because an all-singing, all-dancing IDE is all well
and good, but if it’s not usable those features mean nothing.


Video here


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Support for latest versions of Java

Videos highlighting features from 2019

Roadmap for 2020

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Issue Tracker

Please report bugs, performance or usability problems etc in the JetBrains issue tracker. This is also somewhere you
can suggest new features or improvements.



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