In which I defend the Male species at an all Female event

Today I was at the Girl Geek Meetup conference. I didn't advertise it much because I've said in the past I don't really agree with women-only events, and actually I felt quite uncomfortable telling you guys I was going to be there, knowing the majority of my readers weren't allowed to attend.

It's probably worth explaining why I went, so a) I can give you guys and excuse but b) conference organisers can see what people like me are looking for in a conference.

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Overheard: Agile truths

After attending a number of conferences and events, and performing numerous interviews, I'm starting to hear the same things again and again. Since Dan North challenged all my assumptions at QCon, I'm reluctant to outright ridicule them, but I will put forward my personal opinion.

Note: these are things I have heard from multiple sources, so with any luck I am not breaking the sanctity of the confessional interview.

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