Code Review Matters and Manners

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A code review is basically a technical discussion which should lead to improvements in the code and/or sharing knowledge in a team. As with any conversation, it should have substance and form.

What’s involved in a good code review? What kind of problems do we want to spot and address? Trisha Gee will talk about things a reviewer may consider when looking at changes: what potential issues to look for; why certain patterns may be harmful; and, of course, what NOT to look at.

But when it comes to commenting on someone’s work, it may be hard to find the right words to convey a useful message without offending the authors - after all, this is something that they worked hard on. Maria Khalusova will share some observations, thoughts and practical tricks on how to give and receive feedback without turning a code review into a battlefield.

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And, of course…

A Year? Really?

So I came to the blog to update my upcoming events (at least something stays up to date) only to find it’s been nearly a year since I last blogged! This is terrible!

It’s not that I haven’t written anything in a year, it’s that a lot of my writing energy goes into stuff for the actual day job. Which is good, because that’s pretty much what I wanted from the day job, but the blog makes it look like I don’t write any more.

So I’m going to cheat. Here’s the stuff I’ve written in the last 12 months.

I’ve also done a bunch of screencasts & webinars for IntelliJ IDEA, Upsource and Team City.

Oh yeah, and I had a baby. I’m contemplating blogging about being a working parent, but I’m a bit concerned that Of Course a woman is going to blog about Being A Mother, when previously I just blogged about… well, come to think about it I blogged about all sorts of things, including haircuts and [hangovers] (/post/what_my_hangovers_can_teach_you_about_agile/), so I guess I could probably get away with it.