Sevilla Java User Group Java 8 Launch Party

Last night at the Sevilla JUG we officially celebrated the launch of Java 8 - yay!


Don’t be fooled by the picture, people had more fun than it looks. Honest.

For anyone who missed the session, or who was there and wants access to the materials, here they are:

Note that the last link is to a video from vJUG, the Virtual Java User Group, which is a great source of presentations from international speakers.

Nighthacking at Sevilla Java User Group

Last Saturday Mr Stephen Chin came to Sevilla on his crazy European tour to show us Lego and Robots. This was our largest turnout yet for a Java User Group event in Sevilla, which surprised me as it was on a weekend, and the weekend before the spectacle that is Semana Santa in Sevilla.

This is also the first event that we’ve had videoed (apologies for the horrible focus at times on the video, I’m just learning and used to relying heavily on auto-focus).

Thanks very much to Stephen for visiting, and thank you to those who came, you’re making me re-think the idea of running events at weekends.

Also there are photos on Meetup.