Working Environment

How important to you is your working environment?

  • Type of desk
  • What's on it
  • Position / type of mouse, keyboard, monitor(s)
  • Music / background sound (or lack of it)
  • Open plan vs team room vs cube vs personal office
  • etc...

These physical items could be extended to include your virtual environment:

  • Eclipse / IntelliJ Idea / Visual Studio (is it still called this?) / other dev enviornment - setup, preferences, window positions
  • OS
  • Desktop icons - do you care what / how many / positioning
  • Which software is always open when you're working, and does it matter what order you open them in (so they're in the correct place on your task bar) (additional: does not having enough RAM cripple you because you have to constantly shut and re-open software?)

How anal are you about setting these things up and getting them just right before you can start coding (or whatever it is you do)?

This post comes to you courtesy of my irritation with my chair.  I want to code cross-legged


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