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I ran a poll asking my followers which content to produce for Dave's Continuous Delivery YouTube channel. I found it interesting, but I guess not all that surprising, that the results depend upon who you ask.

This is Twitter (no I will not call it by its new name, actually I want to call it what my youngest does, which is "Baby Bird Twitter"):

Poll results showing "Why choose unproductivity" winning as a topic

This is Mastodon: same winner, different distribution of votes for the other options:

Poll results showing "Why choose unproductivity" winning as a topic

And this is LinkedIn:

Poll results showing "Tips for tech interviews" winning as a topic

(Hahahahahaha I have literally only just noticed that I spelt "Continuous" wrong!!)

I mean, I guess I'm not super-surprised that LinkedIn readers are more interested in career-advice-type topics, but I found it interesting all the same.

I also find it interesting that "Advice for Juniors" didn't do better, but I guess many of my followers are not junior devs, and are more interested in content relevant to themselves rather than considering what might be useful to others.

Despite all this, I might actually do the "Buzzword Compliant" one anyway! I've already given this as a presentation, and it might be fun as a 7 min tongue-in-cheek video.


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