Android Xtended

You may have noticed that the more I go to conferences, the less I write about them. I could claim lack of time, but the fact is that all my write-ups will be something along the lines of "Loved <city>, went to talks that made me think, met interesting people, gave a talk or two that seemed to go well". Not sure if people get bored of reading that, but I get bored of writing it.

That's not to say I'm bored of conferences. On the contrary - since I work from home, travelling to new places and meeting Real Human Beings keeps me sane. Plus conferences are fun.

But I went to a conference on Saturday that makes me feel compelled to write something, and not just because it was organised by my two fellow Sevilla JUG organisers. @IsraKaos and @RGDav are both doing more Android day-to-day than server-side Java, so this is an area they're interested in learning more about. Not content with organising Android events every other month, they decided they had so many interesting speakers they wanted to have speaking here in Sevilla that they wanted to run a whole day, single track conference, on behalf of GDG Sevilla. Android Xtended was born.

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Nighthacking at Sevilla Java User Group

Last Saturday Mr Stephen Chin came to Sevilla on his crazy European tour to show us Lego and Robots. This was our largest turnout yet for a Java User Group event in Sevilla, which surprised me as it was on a weekend, and the weekend before the spectacle that is Semana Santa in Sevilla.

This is also the first event that we’ve had videoed (apologies for the horrible focus at times on the video, I’m just learning and used to relying heavily on auto-focus).

Thanks very much to Stephen for visiting, and thank you to those who came, you’re making me re-think the idea of running events at weekends.

Also there are photos on Meetup.

Sevilla MUG, first event

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Last night was the inaugural meeting of the Sevilla MongoDN User Group.  An event organised with just over 48 hours notice, in a city where I don't speak the language and where even my best-connected contacts aren't sure they're fully plugged in to the tech scene.

I'll admit, I had some reservations:

  • a lightning talk? Will people come all that way for beer and 15 minutes of presentation?
  • in English? Whilst I'm desperately learning Spanish to get closer to presenting in Spanish, at this point I'm just not ready and have to hope people want to listen to me ramble in a foreign language
  • a MUG? Are people interested in joining a group that's solely focussed on one technology, a technology that might not have adoption here or even interest?
  • two days notice?  Are you kidding?  I know people here like to figure out their plans at the last minute, but surely this is shooting ourselves in the foot before we even start.

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