New Disruptor Presentation Unveiled to the LJC!

A few weeks ago, I presented my new "User's Guide to the Disruptor" talk to the London Java Community. Since it was very kindly hosted at Skillsmatter, there is a video of the presentation available, and the slides are below.

The presentation is a little different to the ones we've done before. Previously we've gone into how it works and why it's fast. This time I wanted to step back a little from the internals and show how real developers might actually use it. The example is somewhat contrived, but the idea is to give some hints on how to break your problem down into something that will work with a Disruptor at the heart of it.

I thought the event went really well. It was a tiny bit completely intimidating, as there were no lightning talks and I was the only attraction. Seeing over a hundred people turn up after work, before beer, to hear you talk is a humbling experience. Fortunately, I think the audience was perfect for the presentation - they had heard of the Disruptor but hadn't seen anything very detailed about it, so my walkthrough of how you might use it seemed to go down well. I certainly got a lot of very sensible questions (which hopefully I've remembered to repeat for the benefit of the recording), and people had some good ideas about how and when to use it.

I ran the same presentation to a different audience at QCon London a week later, I'll post a link to that if/when it becomes available.


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