Strangeloop Disruptor Workshop Materials

Slide: An Introduction to the LMAX Disruptor

On Sunday I gave my very first workshop on the Disruptor. The aim was to give people some hands-on coding experience using the syntax. Because time was limited (you can't get people to build an entire application architecture in 2.5 hours) the example is somewhat contrived, and needs a big leap to make it into a proper application context. But the workshop should:

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Java Magazine: Intro to the Disruptor Part One

Slide: Disruptor processor

This month's Java Magazine features an article by yours truly, which is yet another intro to the Disruptor. It's basically a summary of the stuff I've written in this blog, updated for version 2.7 - so the names of the classes should be up to date and the responsibilities follow the simplified pattern we use now. If you were looking for an more recent version of my introduction blog posts, this article gives a reasonable overview.

This is intended as part one of a series, as it's a basic and high-level view with no code examples. In fact, it probably could be used to document the C# version as well as the Java version, although I haven't taken a look at that for a while. Next, I would like to give some more code examples of how you use it - as always, any suggestions welcome.

Upcoming speaking events

In theory, I am busy writing material for my upcoming speaking events, rather than writing terribly illuminating posts on my blog (see what I did there?).  In actuality I am being lazy and have pretty much taken January off for a recharge.

In the spirit of doing something which ticks both the event-speaking and blogging boxes, this is a quick update on the conferences I'm confirmed for so far.  Put the following dates in your diary - these are my first international solo speaking events:

7th March - QCon London - Concurrent Programming Using The Disruptor (sadly I can't stay for the whole conference as it clashes with the only holiday I had booked for 2012).
23rd May - GOTO Copenhagen - Concurrent Programming Using The Disruptor & War Stories.
25-26th May - GOTO Amsterdam - Concurrent Programming Using The Disruptor.

The presentation will be more of a user's guide to the Disruptor than anything we've done before.  An hour isn't a lot of time to cover all the functionality everyone might want to see, so I'm still trying to work out the balance between giving an introduction/overview for those who haven't seen it before, and going into some of the cool features that have been added since I first started blogging about it.  If there's anything you would particularly like to see covered, let me know - I'll put the most frequently requested things in there.

Ideally I'd run a workshop session at some point, but that will require quite a lot more preparation, so I'll only do that if there is interest in it (if someone wants to fly me somewhere interesting to do that so much the better!!).

Maybe I'll see you at one of these events?

Video of our JAX London session

Slide: Beginner's Guide to Concurrency

At JAX London Mike and I presented "Understanding the Disruptor - A Beginner's Guide to Hardcore Concurrency".
This is the session we initially previewed to the
London Java Community a few weeks earlier. The content is the same, but the feel of the presentation was quite different to us - the
venue for the LJC event was more intimate, and it was easier to interact with the audience. At JAX, we were up on stage,
which was pretty cool actually, but meant that it felt more like a lecture and it was less easy to connect with the audience.

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