Getting started with the MongoDB Java Driver Tutorial

Brief guide to running the MongoDB tutorial from QCon London and JAX London.


Create a new work area for this tutorial. For the rest of these instructions I'll refer to it as <location>. I've put
mine in ~/Documents/workshops/jax

Installing MongoDB

Download MongoDB or get it off the USB stick

Unzip to an appropriate location, let's say


Then we'll have to create the directory for the data to go into:

mkdir data`

And then start MongoDB:

./mongodb/bin/mongod --dbpath data

Now MongoDB should be running on localhost and port 27017

If you want, you can connect to the shell - this is not necessary for this workshop:


Creating your project

Put the Java project into <location>/java3.0

cd < location>/java3.0


./gradlew idea


./gradlew eclipse

Open in your favourite IDE and you should be ready to start playing.

More help:

MongoDB Tutorials

Emergency Gradle Procedure:

Download Gradle or get it off the USB stick

Extract to some suitable location. Mine's in


Put gradle on your path. On the Mac, that means adding the following line to ~/.bash_profile:

export PATH="/Library/Tools/gradle/bin:$PATH"


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