Creating JavaFX Applications

This week we're doing a Live Stream on JavaFX, and I wanted to use that opportunity to refresh my JavaFX knowledge.

I wanted to investigate two areas in particular:

  • How do the changes in Java 11 (when JavaFX was moved out of the JDK) impact JavaFX applications?
  • How do I get a modern (Java 15) JavaFX application working as expected in IntelliJ IDEA (using either Maven or Gradle as the build tool)?

I now have six different applications that showcase JavaFX! And... they all have slightly different issues... sorry, I mean "subtleties around the best way to run them". Yes.

If you're interested in writing JavaFX, you might just want to dive straight into the code:

If you're actually writing JavaFX applications, you might be even more interested in the "interesting" edge cases, caveats, and workarounds, which I will cover in upcoming blog posts, along with (where appropriate) the steps I took to upgrade the applications. You might also be interested in the more general post I wrote for the IntelliJ IDEA Blog about the best way to create and run JavaFX applications in IntelliJ IDEA


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