CSS for Developers: Cross Browser Table Border Behaviour

One of the aims of this series is to highlight some stupid gotchas in support for CSS in the different browsers.

Today's gotcha is table borders.

Yes, yes, I said don't use tables. What I means is, don't use tables for layout. But you can use tables for, you know, tabular data. Like, for examples, lists of instruments and their bid and ask prices.

But you should know that even when you use strict mode, Internet Explorer has slightly... eccentric... rendering behaviour for tables. Actually to be specific, it's IE7 only.

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CSS for Developers: Horizontal Layout Using CSS

I'm a Java Developer. But I'm also a Web Developer. Web Developers have been so badly maligned over the last decade or so that I always feel wary (and sometimes slightly ashamed) admitting this. There's some sort of assumption that Web Developers (and Front End Developers) aren't real programmers. Similarly, "real" developers don't like to be tainted by coming into contact with that nasty "front end stuff" in case someone mistakes them for a designer.

Trust me, no-one is going to mistake a Java Developer for a designer. For a start, when designers wear geeky glasses it's ironic. Or chic. Or something.

But developers will be forced to do something around the front end at some point in their lives. Even if it's because they're sick of manually kicking off some process and want to give the users a big red button to press instead.

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